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Reinventing Professional Beauty Treatments & Skin Care with products for services that naturally REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE, CONTOUR THE BODY and optimize the reactivation of key ANTI-AGING and SLIMMING cells.

Arosha Aesthetic Science...

AROSHA FACE: Our NEW Breakthrough Matrixtech BIO-CELLULOSE face masks are infused with active ingredients targeting several problematic skin conditions including laxity, fine lines & wrinkles, dry and dull skin, hyperpigmentation. Includes Advanced Professional protocols available in kit format as well as a retail skincare line to complement your treatments at home.

AROSHA BODY: World leader in Pre-soaked/infused body wrap bandages, Arosha offers a selection of a la carte bandages and pre-packaged kits allowing professionals to service clients needing help with various types of cellulite, localized adiposity issues as well as sagging skin.

PROSHAPE/PRESSOMASSAGE: A wave of pressure to the subdermal tissue, from the base of the limbs upwards towards the body. The sensation is similar to a relaxing massage and the effects include increased lymphatic drainage which aids in the elimination of metabolic waste & toxins, venous return and promotes a natural feeling of relaxation and wellness.