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Where and how a plant is grown affects its essence. Roses raised on a fifth-generation family farm in Bulgaria, where the climate and soil add to the longevity and complexity of the plant’s aroma, provide a rich distinctive oil. Love, care, soil, climate. . . .each element is important to the final product. It’s on this belief that David Tomlinson founded Absolute Aromas in 1994. When you purchase Absolute Aromas essential oils, you’re supporting fourth and fifth generation farmers and distillers. And each oil is sourced from the best country of origin for that particular oil. We feel that the power of plants isn’t just about its aromatherapeutic benefits. It’s about commitment to quality and community.

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Absolute Aromas...

Absolute Aromas sources, professionally packages and presents over 140 pure essential oils, 28 carrier oils and a wide range of aromatherapy accessories of the highest possible quality.

Each essential oil is ethically sourced from established producers in the best country of origin for that particular oil. Every batch is subjected to rigorous testing by an experienced and qualified essential oils chemist, using methods such as gas chromatography.

The same strict standards are applied to the rest of the Absolute Aromas range. Carrier oils are, wherever possible, organically-produced, cold-pressed and of the freshest quality. The specialist infused carrier oils are hand-made using organically-produced plant material infused in Organic Sesame Oil. We believe that as carrier oils usually make up 98% of an aromatherapy blend, their quality has a very significant impact on the efficiency of the blend.

Our extensive range of aromatherapy accessories includes some unique electric diffusers, hand-finished wooden storage boxes, reference books and everything else required by the professional aromatherapist and home-user alike.