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New!  Aminnah 24K Gold Glow Body Lotion / 8 fl. oz. - 236 mL. (700708)
Aminnah 24K Gold Glow Body Lotion 8 fl. oz. - 236 mL. (700708)

Spa / Salon Price: $17.00

Product Code: PB-354937


Unleash Radiant Skin with Aminnah 24K Gold Glow Body Lotion

Experience a world where skincare meets luxury with the Aminnah 24K Gold Glow Body Lotion. This exceptional product transcends the ordinary, delivering not just deeply nourished skin, but an irresistible golden glow that amplifies your natural radiance. Immerse yourself in a skincare experience designed for those who desire the exceptional and understand the powerful impact of high-quality, natural ingredients.

Radiate with Enchanting 24K Gold Sparkles

Our 24K Gold Glow Lotion takes skincare to an unprecedented level. Infused with actual 24K gold sparkles, it imbues your skin with a captivating glow that lasts throughout the day. Just a small amount of this luxurious lotion leaves your skin shimmering and radiant, transforming your everyday skincare routine into an indulgent experience.

Superior Nourishment with Natural Ingredients

Created with a dedication to natural, wholesome skincare, our 24K Gold Glow Body Lotion is formulated with ingredients known for their skin-nourishing properties. With a unique blend of Vitamin E, apricot kernel oil, golden jojoba, and coconut oil, the lotion ensures optimal hydration, leaving your skin feeling incredibly soft, supple, and well-nourished.

Aroma that Captivates the Senses

But the benefits extend beyond just skin nourishment and radiance. This premium lotion leaves your skin deliciously fragrant, making it a perfect choice for those who love to treat their senses along with their skin. With each application, the lotion infuses your skin with a light, appealing scent, creating a sensory experience that’s just as important as its skin benefits.

How to Use the Aminnah 24K Gold Glow Body Lotion

Begin your journey towards radiant, fragrant skin by applying a desired amount of the lotion onto your skin. Massage it gently, allowing the lotion to be fully absorbed into the skin. As the lotion melts into your skin, it leaves behind a trace of 24K gold sparkles, letting you glow with an understated yet noticeable radiance. As with any skincare product, regular usage ensures optimal results.


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