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Aroma360 Diffuser Scent - Skyfall | Sizes: 120 mL., 200 mL., 500 mL., 3 Liter and 4 Liter by AROMA360
Aroma360 Diffuser Scent - Skyfall | Sizes: 120 mL. 200 mL. 500 mL. 3 Liter and 4 Liter ()

Spa / Salon Price: $64.99

Price with Selected Options: $64.99

Product Code: AY-360423

Scent Size:

120 mL. Fragrance Oil (Used in Mini360)
200 mL. Fragrance Oil (Used in DaVinci360) [Add $24.95]
500 mL. Fragrance Oil (Used in VanGogh360 or Museum360) [Add $54.96]
3 Liter Fragrance Oil (Used to Refill Canisters) [Add $570.00]
4 Liter Fragrance Oil (Used to Refill Canisters) [Add $790.00]

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Aroma360 Diffuser Scent - Skyfall | Sizes: 120 mL., 200 mL., 500 mL., 3 Liter and 4 Liter

Aroma360 Diffuser Scent - Skyfall | Sizes: 120 mL., 200 mL., 500 mL., 3 Liter and 4 LiterA smooth, luxurious scent comprised of orange blossom and green melon. The scent opens up to the alluring aroma of jasmine and fresh ocean breeze. The trail of the fragrance is a blend of warm cedarwood, vanilla and musk.

Designed for: The Atlantis Resort

Fragrance Notes:
  • Top Note(s): Neroli, Orange, Melon
  • Middle Note(s): Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Marine
  • Base Note(s): Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla
A smooth, luxurious scent comprised of orange blossom and green melon. The scent opens up to the alluring aroma of jasmine and fresh ocean breeze. The trail of the fragrance is a blend of warm cedarwood, vanilla and musk.

Designed for: The Atlantis Resort

Collections: Hotel Collection, Luxe Collection

For Use ONLY With Aroma360 Diffusion Systems:VIEW ALL PRODUCTS BY AROMA360
Scent is the strongest of the five senses tied to memory and emotion. By playing an essential role in influencing perceptions and creating a positive experience, businesses can use scenting to help customers formulate a deeper connection to their product or service.
  • Increase Profits
  • Enhance Perceived Value
  • Heighten Customer Experience
  • Improve Brand Loyalty
As one of the five basic senses we use to perceive the world, scent is a powerful tool backed by much physiological fortitude. Between millions of sensory neurons and hundreds of receptors all found in the nose, any given scent travels far and long before it is actually identified in the brain. Once scent makes its way to the brain, it then begins to interact with the hippocampus and the amygdala. Here, powerful memories are triggered and mood, emotions, and behavior can be influenced.

  • 1% of what we touch
  • 2% of what we hear
  • 5% of what we see
  • 15% of what we taste
The connection between our sense of smell and our emotions is a powerful tool that can be leveraged in business to heighten brand image and loyalty. Smell is recalled with clarity and it is tied to a heightened degree of human emotion. By creating a scent that can be tied to a memorable time, a business can make a customer connect its scent to a positive experience. This way, each time the scent is detected it will evoke enjoyable memories tied to that scent and associate that brand with these good feelings.

A place for total relaxation of not only the body but of the mind as well, a spa atmosphere would not be complete without the sensory pleasures provided by scent. Customers seeking to rejuvenate their entire being can benefit greatly from with restorative properties of scent infusion. Whether your customers are looking to soothe an overworked body or reach a sense of calm, scent plays an integral part in creating the right environment to achieve a state of well-being. Along with the physical aspects of a complete spa experience, scent is one of the most important factors when creating an alluring space for customers to unwind in. Scent marketing can help you create an environment that not only promotes relaxation but embodies it as many scents are specifically formulated to calm and care for the senses. By providing your spa customers with scents that enlighten their bodies, the mind will undoubtedly form a lasting connection with your business. Aroma360 is used by spas like Senses (a Disney Spa), The Ritz-Carlton, Bellagio Las Vegas, Montage Hotels & Resorts.

From the moment the doors open and your guests flow across your lobby, they are forming sensory memories that will help them perceive their stay as a positive one. Creating an intangible sense of luxury and comfort through a carefully curated ambiance can set the scene for the type of experience your guests seek to find in your property. The strong connection between emotions and experiences is one that is highly influenced by the power of scent. By channeling what your guests desire into a uniquely formulated scent you can open the doors to an unparalleled amount of brand loyalty. Aroma360 is used by hotels like Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Hilton, Marriot Hotels & Resorts.

When buying a car, a customer is not just buying a machine, they are buying into a lifestyle. A luxury car presents an air of elegance and sophistication that lends itself to that customer's upscale taste. Economical cars appeal to a buyer who is looking to get the most bang for their buck.

Research shows that scent marketing can elevate the consumer buying process by creating a unique ambiance through the use of custom scents. With any type of automotive sales, incorporating scent marketing will create a space that appeals to each kind of car buyer and the experience they want to buy into. Aroma360 is used by auto dealers like Lexus, Range Rover, Infiniti and Ferrari.

Living a healthy, active lifestyle is now the norm across all ages and walks of life. Gyms, studios, and other fitness facilities are a home away from home for many people as they spend countless hours toning their physique and improving their lives. Creating the right atmosphere is crucial so customers feel comfortable during their workout and enjoy visiting daily.

Gym go-ers spend so much of their time sweating, breathing, and being in this environment that the right scent can mean the difference between a loyal following and a bad reputation. Scenting can ensure a positive experience with a clean, fresh, and even invigorating scent that can lead to repeated visits, loyal customers, and renewed memberships year after year. Aroma360 is used by clients like Jack City FItness, Anatomy at 1220, Zifit Infrared Fitness and OrangeTheory.

Public entertainment venues such as casinos, pool halls, musical arenas and other areas with high amounts of foot traffic and activity can easily smell stagnant and even unpleasant. They are often heavily coated in the harsh smells of cigarette smoke, food, body odor and alcohol. To combat these smells, use essential oils to help eliminate such odors. Adding an enjoyable smell not only keep visitors happy, but it will also keep them coming back. If an environment smells pleasing, guests will stay longer, leading to a more positive experience for everyone involved - customers will have pleasant memories when they smell that scent again and business owners will have customers paying to stay longer and be more engaged in the atmosphere. Aroma360 is used by clients like Borgota Hotel Casino & Spa, LIV, Palace Casino, Rockwell Miami.

The workspace environment has a major effect on employees and their productivity from day to day. Certain scents can cause different kinds of moods when presented amongst a large group of people, like in an office setting. Inspire your employees, make them feel comfortable, and even energize their workday using scents that can turn a regular office into a whole new kind of atmosphere. Create the place your employees are happy to come to and are inspired to work hard in.

Welcome your patients the moment they walk through your doors with a pleasant aroma that encourages feelings of trust, relaxation, and contentment. Through the healthiest scenting solutions in the industry you can transform their lives for better wellbeing with scents that uplift, invigorate, and even cleanse the mind and body. Using personalized scents that represent a wide variety of needs, your medical practice can provide solutions for a more comprehensive healing. Aroma360 is used by clients like Galencia Hospital, Z9 Capital, Naples Laser and MedSpa, Leonard M. Hochstein Plastic Surgery.

Where a physical store once stood, ten online retailers have quickly taken its place. Due to this major shift in retail, entering an actual store has become a totally different experience. Retailers must now tap into all the senses to reach customers on every level. From the upscale boutique to the large department store, scent can create the atmosphere in a retail setting where customers can feel anything from sophistication and luxury to excitement and energy that makes them want to shop.

Whether it's to a little black dress or a fluffy pet pillow, customers have an emotional connection to their purchases. In any sort of retail environment, a scent can trigger happiness, nostalgia, and every pleasant feeling in between. Using scent, you can help influence the type of connection your customers have with your brand while increasing the perceived quality of products, store linger time and sales. Once the scent is tied to the memory of your business, your they can quickly become repeat customers. Aroma360 is used by clients like Melange Bridal, Sky Diamond Jewelers, Chronic Hearts, ECJ Luxe Collection.


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