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Belava... At Belava, they are passionate about helping salons and spas elevate their client experience with high-quality, professional-grade furniture, equipment, and tools. Belava's collections offer a wide variety of products, from nail technician furniture and salon seating to waiting area furniture and more, so you can create the space of your dreams. Whether you're looking to enhance your business environment or provide top-notch services, Belava's customizable options are designed to cater to your unique needs. Trust in Belava products to reach your full potential and take your salon or spa to the next level.

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About Belava:

  • 2000 - 2006:
    Post-pedicure outbreaks of mycobacteria and staph foot infections were reported to the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. The first occurrence was in 2000 in Santa Cruz County. Santa Clara County was hit in 2004 and Contra Costa County experienced an outbreak in 2005.

    After the 2000 outbreak, the national CDC tested 30 footbaths in 18 nail salons from five California counties and found mycobacteria in 97 percent of them.

    State and federal regulators and health officials have started adopting stricter regulations on nail salon sanitation practices to protect customers from dirty whirlpool footbaths that can harbor dangerous bacteria.

  • 2004:
    Their company pioneered a concept of a pre-fitted plastic liner for pedicure baths as a barrier from contamination in pedicure soaking. A simple deterrent to a lurking bacteria or fungus left from an inadequately sanitized foot bath. A single-use disposable liner for safe foot soaking.

    Their first product was a blue pedicure tub with 20 disposable liners in it. They named it the Belava pedicure start-up kit.

  • 2007:
    The Belava Pro Foot Heater-Massager was developed to enhance pedicure services with heat and vibration. Since its introduction, their powerful tool has won Nails' Magazine Readers’ Choice Award 8 times, this product also won in 2018 as the #1 professional pedicure tool choice. The foot massager was designed to work together with existing pedicure tubs and disposable liners, to become a complete system for safe foot soaking and dry massages in one setting.

  • 2009:
    Belava made a historic shift to a no-plumbing pedicure chair concept in nail salons. During the economic recession of 2007-2009 many beauty salons faced the need to downsize. Their Indulgence pedicure chair became a smart solution for salons with smaller spaces and limited options. Their first all-in-one no-plumbing chair offered beauty professionals the ability to perform several services in one chair, it is portable so you can move it from one location to another if needed. There are no pipes attached so it is easily integrated to any setting and weighs 120 lbs. to compile a light and compact pedicure chair.

    It has reclining and swiveling features, as well as adjustable head and footrests, with the addition of a comfortable cushion to create an incredibly comfortable and customizable chair. The foot heater-massager attachment has complimentary disposable liners and a nail tech stool. Their Indulgence allows nail technicians to easily manicure, pedicure, facials, and even hair cut in the same setting.

  • 2011:
    Their 2nd no-plumbing chair was introduced under the name Embrace. They added extra width, extra padding, heat, and vibration to the chair cushion, and finished it with an attached rotating manicure table. Since its creation, the Embrace remains their best seller in the category of no-plumbing pedicure chairs.

  • 2013:
    At Belava, we never stop searching for new ideas to enhance beauty salons and spas with smart innovative tools and equipment. Another product we created was the disposable liners for manicure or facial services, they were made acetone-proof and came with a soaking bowl to guarantee a sanitary environment in a beauty salon.

    In the same year Belava moved to a larger manufacturing facility, extending our upholstery, and wood-working departments, and added some machinery to increase production capacity as well as the ability for product customization.

  • 2015:
    In 2015 Belava designed and started manufacturing the Trio Foot Spa and Performer Nail Tech Stool. Both products were recognized by professionals for their practicality and sensibility.

  • 2017:
    The year of "Elora Nail Salon Collection" - Belava's first line of furniture. Belava is are proud of it - the elegant style and exceptional craftsmanship. To top it off, in the same year they expanded to manufacturing Salon Benches (or as we call them Salon Seaters) in multiple sizes.

  • 2018:
    Belava opened their show room with the premise of showcasing its product line, completed with the addition of Element and Impact pedicure spa chairs with pedi bowl tucked away in a pull-out drawer. The traffic of salon owners and interior designers is always growing so it is nice to have options available to deal with the extra clients.