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Balancing Chakra Stone Set / 7 Pieces
Balancing Chakra Stone Set / 7 Pieces (CST41)
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Balancing Chakra Stone Set / 7 Pieces.

Many recognize that chakra stones, through chakra healing techniques, can be used as a part of a hot stone massage or by themselves. Our beautifully polished semi-precious stones are meant to be placed on specific body points to remove blocked energies while creating a sense of balance and vitality. We offer the stone sets for use in balancing and activating work.

During your chakra balancing session, invite your client into an environment that is free of stress using this set. The chakra balancing set can be used by itself during a Reiki session, or it can be used in a hot stone massage. 7 stones with pouch.

Beautifully polished semi-precious stones.

To Balance the Chakras:

Balancing chakras can be done for anyone at any time. Stress, tension, worry, over work, disease, illness, etc. --all of these symptoms, as well as daily living, can unbalance the chakras.

Once all the stones have been placed, stand at the feet, placing hands on the feet and holding space, letting the chakra stones do the work of balancing the chakras. If you are a Reiki or Energy Practitioner, at this point, you can do some energy work on your client while the stones are balancing the chakras.

When you are done with your session, you can remove the stones from the chakras. The proper way to remove the stones is beginning from the base/root chakra and moving up the body. Remove the stone slowly with one hand, and place the other hand on the chakra for a minute then remove slowly. If you were to pull the chakra stones off the chakras abruptly you could shock the client as well as unbalance the chakras again. Removing them slowly and placing your hand on the chakra as you slowly remove the stone will leave the chakra balanced and closed.

This set includes the following stones:
Root (Earth) Black
2nd (Sacral/Naval) Brown
3rd (Solar Plexus) Yellow/Brown
4th (Heart) Rose
5th (Throat) Aqua
6th (3rd Eye) White
7th (Crown) White/Clear
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