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Dr. Canuso - Skincare for the Feet

Dr. Canuso - Skincare for the Feet...
Physician formulated products that treat painful dry, cracked heels, toenail fungus, and foot odor. All products are 100% guaranteed and safe for diabetics. "As a podiatrist and chemist, I formulated these products specifically for my patients. The results are truly amazing!" – Dr. Canuso

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About Dr. Canuso...

Dr. Dana Canuso is a Podiatric Surgeon and the founder of Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet. She was recently given the title of one of "America’s Best Podiatrists" and is a member of Mensa. Graduated from Fordham University in New York City with her bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a minor in history, she went on to Podiatric Medical School at Temple University in Philadelphia. Upon completion, she finished a rigorous surgical residency in her native New Jersey. She has been named a "Top Doc" in the area multiple times.

Dr. Canuso Healthy Nail System"Many patients have asked which products I recommend they use on their dry skin and cracked heels since they have tried a handful of products with little to no relief. When I realized that all of the products on the market simply covered up the problems without treating the causes, I devoted my time to research and was able to discover the "cure" to dry skin and cracked heels. Using my chemistry background combined with my years of clinical experience, I worked along with a world renowned chemist to develop my first patent pending product, Ultra Hydrating Foot Repair Serum. This product has changed lives and has paved the way for my brand to grow from a single product into a complete luxury skincare line designed exclusively for feet."