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Dye-Ties - Hair Ties hand made in the USA from super-soft, yet strong elastic that will not crease hair and make a fashion statement on the wrist. An array of vivid and unique colors!
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About Dye-Ties...

Before Dye Ties was a successful company, providing fashion and necessity to many customer and jobs to employees, it was a kitchen experiment.

Dye Ties’ “pony” ride began in 2009, when founders Heidi Eseke and Tori Eseke started hand-making hair ties and headbands as a small side business. These ties were a far stretch from your average drugstore hair bands—they were specially designed so they would not damage hair and double as fashionable flair that could be worn on wrists as well.

It all started with boiling pots of dye, yards of elastic, and purple fingers. Heidi, founder and president of Dye Ties had always been blessed with creativity. Tori, her daughter, would help create, dye, cut and tie in between college breaks. Little did they or their friends know that a few weeks in the kitchen making hair ties and head bands, would three years later become the best hair ties and head band company around.

In the summer of 2011, Heidi and Tori started selling Dye Ties at Park Silly Market, a well-known street fair in Park City, Utah, and were totally blown away by their little bands’ huge and instant success. So they ponied up and launched a full-blown hair accessory brand. Today, Tori and Heidi continue to develop new items, colors, styles and packaging options for every season—and for every style that they can wrap their creative, stylish minds around.

What they all thought would be a fun past time, turned into a Dye Tie buying frenzy. What felt like weeks later, Dye Ties was booming; new employees new customers, trade shows, color naming, website making and the works! From there it was a family affair. Both Heidi’s son and husband contributed to this exciting a fast growing start up business.

In less than three years Dye Ties had made its mark on the map, doing business with over 4,000 different retail stores! Currently, Dye Ties is still evolving and growing into a better and yet still uniquely special company that seeks to provide the absolute best USA hand dyed, hand made hair ties and head bands to all women.