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Epillyss is a complete waxing concept and truly an innovative brand. Epillyss wax is a pure botanical line, made from the purest basic ingredients, vegetal resin (imported from Portugal) and natural beeswax. The Bolero container is a key component of the Epillyss line. It's alloy, being composed of resin and fiberglass, is anti-corrosive and does not conduct heat. The Bolero container is very hygienic and it's anti-spill collaret allows you to keep your wax-heater clean. This collar also gives you an excellent stand for your spatula. The newest innovation from Epillyss is the Bio-resine C3, which is the royal jelly of vegetal pine resin. This is obtained after three distillations. The Bio-resine C3 creates a vaso-dilating effect, allowing the hair to be removed much easier and less painfully. The benefits of this, is that the wax adheres less to the skin, acting like a shrink wrap around the hair, pulling them with much less trauma to the skin. This newest ingredient is found in Novatherm, Millenia and Chocolate Lukewarm wax.
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