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EvaCell Slipstream Therapy Cups DVD - Cosmetic Cellulite Therapy (549 0153)
EvaCell Slipstream Therapy Cups DVD - Cosmetic Cellulite Therapy (549 0153)
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EvaCell Slipstream Therapy Cups DVD - Cosmetic Cellulite Therapy

Slipstream founder, Eeva Vahla, will teach you how to utilize this unique technique to help release the fascia, loosen toxins and prepare the body for deeper hands-on work. The EvaCell Slipstream Cosmetic Cellulite Therapy DVD will help you learn how to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Run time is 25 min.

The Eeva Vahla Method of Negative Pressure Release, is world renowned. Eeva comes to the U.S. to share her unique revolutionary method of Slipstream Therapy, from Finland. She shares her own method with body workers in the states. She has incorporated her extensive international training to master and perfect her original technique.

Slipstream Therapy is based on the ancient Asian therapy of glass cupping, but unlike glass cupping Slipstream Therapy cups are all natural. Slipstream Therapy cups are , movable, safe and easy to master. Just squeeze the cups to create the suction, no fire or pumping. Through suction and negative pressure, Slipstream Therapy releases rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions , lifts connective tissue and brings blood flow to muscles.

Slipstream Therapy should be essential part of all Body worker’s practice. This technique will save the Therapist’s hands and joints extending the longevity of their practice. This technique is virtually painless for the client while allowing the therapist work deeply. The therapist will find it effortless and highly effective.

Benefits Of Slipstream Therapy:
  • Detoxification and increases cellular metabolism
  • Increases blood and lymph flow
  • Releases muscular and nervous tension
  • Tones up the tissue reducing the appearance of cosmetic cellulite
  • Accelerates microcirculation flushing the tissue and stimulating epidermal vitality
  • Brings nutrition and oxygen and removes toxins from tissues
  • Releases myofascia
  • Address acupressure and trigger points.
Why Slipstream Cups?
  • Using Slipstream Cups in comparison with glass or plastic make it possible to control the suction better. They are also more pleasurable for the client. They are also easier to incorporate into your own massage treatment.
They are also:
  • Safe
  • Pleasant for the patient
  • No fire and pump needed
  • Adjustable shape
  • Soft and generate a strong suction force that can be easily adjusted; therefore they do not cause skin damage.
  • Thanks to their elastic material Slipstream Cups can be applied to all those body parts that traditional glass cups can not reach. For example: elbows, knees, dorsum of the hand and the spine are all suitable place for cupping with Slipstream Cups.
  • No limitation on body posture
  • Durable, unbreakable, easy to clean and carry.
  • Easy to incorporate with other massage and mobilization techniques.
Who is using Slipstream Therapy in their practices?
  • Licensed Massage Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturist
  • Aestheticians


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