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Facial Steamers...
Used in esthetics, facial steamers gently blow warm steam over a client’s face for a few minutes to open facial pores. has a large variety of professional facial steamers for spas and salons. Whether you need a sophisticated, multi-function facial steamer with additional esthetic tools and functions, or you simply need a basic facial steamer with timer, we have all types of facial steamer models to fit your needs and budget. We have portable steamers, rolling steamers, Ozone steamers, mini steamers, ion steamers, and automated steamers to name a few, Some of our facial steamers even have mag lamps and a wide variety of accessories built in, like high frequency, vac spray, suction cups, woods lamp and facial brushes.

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About Facial Steamers…
Facial steamers are used by salon and spa professionals during esthetic services to help remove dirt, debris and dead skin for easy pore extraction and deep cleansing. The warmth from the steam helps to stimulate circulation in the face, giving skin a dewy, rosy glow. Other benefits of facial steaming is that once pores have been opened and extracted (are free from incrustation and debris), the skin is primed and ready to “take in” the active ingredients inside the skin care products being used by the esthetician. When skin is clear and free from debris, products absorption and benefits are maximized. Facial steamers are available with different features such as Ozone. Facial steamers with ozone act as a germicide, helping to disinfect the surface of the skin and help calm acne redness. also has ozone facial steamers with hot steam and cool mist emission, as well as aromatherapy options.