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Airtight glass Ampoules offer a concentration of highly active ingredients. We offer several different verities of Ampoules to accommodate various skin conditions, irritations, hyper - pigmentation, as well as, aging. Visible results are achieved within a short time after application. Ampoules are commonly used by Estheticians during facials and by Cosmetologists before a make up application.

Professional Insider Tip for Cosmetologist / Make-up Artist:
Applying an Ampoule of choice before a make up application helps ensure make up lasts longer through hours of photographs, dancing and mingling. The active concentration of ingredient inside Ampoules are helpful in controlling sebum and makes the face looks less oily, with a young, fresh and lifted appearance. For maximum results, choose the appropriate Ampoule for your clients skin type.

Professional Insider Tip for Estheticians:
Put your signature touch onto your facial treatments. Apply an Ampoule of choice to clients skin and infuse the concentrated ingredients with ultrasonic or galvanic current. This is an effective, low cost compliment to facial treatments and can also be used on the neck, décolleté, arms and hands.

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About Facial Treatment Ampoules…

Ampoules, also spelled ampul, or ampule; are small, individual packaged glass containers that typically contain a single “dose” or application of concentrated, highly active ingredients. Because most ampoules are in hermetically sealed glass, the efficacy of the botanical extracts, vitamins, nutrients, peptides, and active ingredients are well preserved and typically are free of preservatives. This makes ampoules a great addition to professional facial treatments. Estheticians can effectively treat skin issues with the appropriate ampoule for quick results.

There are ampoules designed to address every skin type and concern. There are ampoules for redness, irritations, hyper-pigmentation, sagging skin, photo-aged skin, dull skin as well as, aging skin. Estheticians will typically combine ampoules with alginate masks or cream masks and massage to enhance treatment results during a facial treatment.

Keep in mind; since ampoules are glass sealed, they are usually opened by snapping off the neck. Use a towel to carefully snap off at the top.