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Gena Laboratories... For decades, Gena has garnered a reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality professional hand and body treatments with spa-quality results. From pedicure systems that soften and soothe to hand treatments that polish and perfect, Gena® believes that beauty begins with soft, healthy & renewed skin.

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About Gena Laboratories:
Gena Laboratories cares about clients' skin and nails, providing incredible products that pamper, moisturize and heal. At Gena Labs, fantastic-feeling and great-looking feet are a company goal. Its unique pedicure line contains ultra-conditioning treatments and naturally rejuvenating products. With Gena, you'll find ingredients that soothe the skin, including gentle botanicals. Slough rough skin away with treatments for extra dry feet, hands, and elbows. Gena makes specialized products recognized worldwide, such as a Healthy Hoof protein treatment that deeply nourishes nails. Go beyond basic moisturizing with more intensive care. Treat a client with chapped skin to a therapeutic concoction of peppermint, lavender, and menthol. Apply a foot mask, rub in a refreshing gel, or spritz on antiseptic. With a manicure, pedicure, and skin treatments, Gena Laboratories beautifies and revives. This salon and spa leader has a decades-long reputation for creating beneficial lines that belong in nail salons.

Reenergize Skin and Nails with Gena Pedicure Products
If you take pride in perfect pedis, there's a product line that belongs in your salon or spa. Gena pedicure products give feet the attention they deserve. Get relaxation rolling with the famous Gena PediSoak. It lathers up with tea tree oil and botanicals to soften and cleanse. Or choose a non-lathering soak that's perfect for a foot bath with jets. Next, massage in warm, revitalizing lotions to condition both cuticles and nails. As you go above and beyond to restore weary feet and nails, Gena supports your efforts with soaks, lotions, creams, and treatments that deliver luxurious results. And they're all at for less!/span>