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G The Body Art Professional™...
Delivers the true essence of luxury and extravagance to you and your skin. G The Body Art Professional combines glimmer and glam into customized temporary body art that you'll love to wear.

About Glimmer Body Art, LLC...
From the beginning of time, people have been using body art as a form of cultural decoration, amusement and even accessorizing. Temporary body art is one of the most revered forms of embellishing the skin, giving someone the chance to artfully express their style on a short-term basis.

Glimmer Body Art, LLC, was formed in 2007, developing a new twist on an old temporary favorite…adding glitter. With much research devoted to introducing a quality line of supplies for professionals and consumers, our market grew and our influence continues to extend its reaches within beauty and spa industries. Due to the overwhelming response, and with years of experience under our belts, G The Body Art Professional™ was created with a vision to provide high-end, designer body art to a more hip, chic market. Glitter is now being worn as an accessory thanks to our efforts in continually modeling the line after the hottest trends in fashion and pop culture.