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Hammers & Pin Wheels

Explore a wide selection of professional-grade diagnostic hammers and pin wheels at Our collection includes high-quality tools designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and practitioners. Whether you're a seasoned medical expert or a student, our diagnostic instruments are perfect for neurological examinations, reflex testing, and more. With ergonomic designs and precision engineering, these hammers and pin wheels ensure accurate diagnostics, making them essential for your medical practice.

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Discover the Best Diagnostic Hammers & Pin Wheels at Pure Spa Direct

At Pure Spa Direct, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable diagnostic tools in the healthcare field. Our comprehensive range of diagnostic hammers and pin wheels is sourced from reputable suppliers and crafted to the highest standards. These tools are indispensable for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, chiropractors, and therapists, as well as medical students.

Our diagnostic hammers are designed for precise reflex testing, helping you identify neurological issues with confidence. They feature comfortable grips and sturdy construction, ensuring long-lasting use. We offer a variety of hammers, including Taylor, Babinski, and Queen Square hammers, each tailored to specific diagnostic needs.

In addition to hammers, our collection includes pin wheels that are ideal for sensory testing. These versatile instruments are used to assess sensory perception, making them essential for neurological examinations. Our pin wheels are manufactured with precision to ensure accurate results, and they come in various styles to accommodate different examination techniques.

When you shop at, you can trust that you're getting high-quality diagnostic tools that will serve you well in your medical practice or studies. We prioritize the needs of healthcare professionals and aim to provide you with the tools you can rely on. With our extensive selection of diagnostic hammers and pin wheels, you're sure to find the perfect instruments for your requirements.

Browse our selection today to elevate your diagnostic capabilities. Remember, when you choose Pure Spa Direct, you're choosing quality and reliability in every tool.

Visit for the finest diagnostic hammers and pin wheels. We are your trusted source for professional-grade healthcare instruments.