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ItalWax Film Wax - Pour Homme - Hard Stripless Wax Beads from Italy / 1 Case = (10) 2.2 lb. Bags = 22 lbs. Total (FILM-POUR HOMME-HARD-2.2 LB.BAG X 10)
ItalWax Film Wax - Pour Homme - Hard Stripless Wax Beads from Italy 1 Case = (10) 2.2 lb. Bags = 22 lbs. Total (FILM-POUR HOMME-HARD-2.2 LB.BAG X 10)

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Discover the Power of ItalWax Film Wax - Pour Homme: The Ultimate Waxing Solution for Men - Hard Stripless Wax Beads from Italy / 1 Case = (10) 2.2 lb. Bags = 22 lbs. Total

Experience the exceptional performance of ItalWax Film Wax - Pour Homme, specifically designed to cater to the unique waxing needs of men. This innovative hard stripless wax formula offers unparalleled efficiency in removing coarse, thick hairs while ensuring utmost care for sensitive skin. A single application is all it takes to achieve flawlessly smooth skin, making it an indispensable tool for beauty industry professionals.

The ItalWax Film Wax - Pour Homme Advantage

ItalWax's unique formula, enriched with special components to enhance wax adherence, guarantees a clean and swift waxing experience. Say goodbye to repeat applications as this advanced wax formula grips even the toughest hairs with ease. Ideal for use in barber shops for precise beard shaping and facial hair removal, Pour Homme is equally effective on other body areas such as the chest, back, armpits, and Brazilian zones.

Indulge in the sophisticated "men's perfume" aroma and striking "liquid steel" color, which adds a touch of masculine elegance to your professional waxing services. While specifically designed for men, Pour Homme's exceptional qualities make it a versatile wax suitable for women too.

Exceptional Features for an Unrivaled Waxing Experience

  • Low melting temperature (104F - 115F): Gentle on delicate areas, ensuring comfort and safety during the waxing process.
  • Longer cooling time: Provides extended thermal exposure, allowing hair follicles to relax for a less painful experience.
  • Superior adaptability: Conforms to the skin's surface, capturing all hairs without the need for repeat applications.
  • Extra elasticity: Guarantees a seamless waxing session without breakage, ensuring a smooth and even finish.
  • Complete hair removal: Leaves no broken hairs behind, delivering impeccable results with each use.
  • Time efficiency: Drastically reduces the time required for depilation procedures, enhancing productivity and client satisfaction.

Transform Your Waxing Services with ItalWax Film Wax - Pour Homme

Upgrade your professional waxing offerings with the unparalleled performance of ItalWax Film Wax - Pour Homme. This hard stripless wax formula, specifically designed for men, delivers unbeatable results and an unmatched waxing experience. Trust ItalWax to elevate your salon or spa services, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty.

Not sure how to use ItalWax? Check our tutorial videos below!

Advantages of ItalWax Film Wax:

  • Lower melting temperature 104F - 115.
  • Ideal for hair removal on delicate areas (armpits, bikini, face).
  • Longer cooling time, which provides longer thermal exposure, relaxes hair follicles, and makes waxing less painful.
  • Completely adjustable to the skin surface, catching all the hairs without applications repeating.
  • Because of its extra elasticity Film Wax won't break during hair removal.
  • When removed, Film Wax does not leave any broken hairs.
  • Significantly reduces the time required for the depilation procedure.

Depilation Procedure for ItalWax Film Wax:

  1. Pour the ItalWax Natural beads into the professional wax heater.
  2. Preheat the wax to 104F - 115F until it reaches the consistency of stiff honey.
  3. Treat the depilation area with a spirit-containing lotion ItalWax to degrease the skin and remove any traces of cosmetic products.
  4. Apply a small amount of wax dusting powder.
  5. With a spatula, apply a thin layer of wax, regardless of the direction of hair growth, but towards you, leaving a small "petal" which will be used as a grip later on. ATTENTION! Do not rush during the application, press the spatula firmly, putting the necessary pressure on it.
  6. The wax will harden in 4-10 seconds. During this period it will stick to all the hairs. Ready to be removed Film Wax should not stick to the hand when touched.
  7. Holding the skin taut in the direction opposite to the tear-off, remove the wax with a fast movement, parallel to the skin.
  8. Repeat the same actions in the next area.
  9. When the procedure is over, treat the skin with a soothing, cooling, oil-free product by ItalWax.

Basic Errors While Using Film Wax:

  • Wax stretches like caramel and is difficult to remove.
    Reason: not enough time passed for the wax to harden.
    What to do: put some wax dusting powder onto the wax, wait 2-3 seconds and remove.
  • There are some hairs left after wax removal.
    Reason: the wax was applied superficially, without pressing the spatula to the skin, so the hair didnt get into the wax layer.
    What to do: apply the wax onto the skin with the remaining hair, fix the hair in the wax more thoroughly, pressing the spatula firmly to the area of hair removal.
  • The wax does not harden.
    Reason: the layer of the wax applied is too thick (as in the classic hot wax depilation).
    What to do: carefully spread the application to a larger surface. Next time apply a thinner layer of wax.
  • The edges of the wax application remain on the skin after removal.
    Reason: Uneven application of wax.
    What to do: Create an application of the same thickness in the middle and on the edges.
Warning: as with all waxes, test the sensitivity of the skin on the inner part of forearm.


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