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Jessica Nails nail colors are very popular amongst manicurists and consumers alike. Worn by a whole host of celebrities of film, television, politics and society, as well as those who simply want lovely natural nails. Rich depth of color that glides over your nails. Colors are exclusively formulated for natural nails so the polish stays on. Jessica Nails are world renowned for their outstanding variety of classic and custom colors that offer something for everyone. Jessica Nails colors are super lustrous and extravagant and they slide on unlike any other! Not only are they so smooth to apply, but they also stay looking fresh and beautiful for many many days.

About Jessica Cosmetics

Long before nail salons were found on every corner, there was Jessica Vartoughian, the woman who would become known as The First Lady of Nails. Jessica opened the first-ever nails-only salon and revolutionized nail care with a technique that was ahead of its time. Her pioneering spirit and business savvy helped pave the way for the multi-million dollar nail care industry to become what it is today. Now founder & CEO of Jessica Cosmetics International, Inc., Jessica is considered the foremost authority on cultivating beautiful natural nails, an achievement reflected in her extensive line of popular nail care products.

The seeds of Jessica’s success were planted early. As a child growing up in Romania, Jessica was instilled with the importance of looking well groomed. At 17, Jessica’s family had to flee Romania. After relocating to Los Angeles, in need of a vocation and speaking no English, Jessica enrolled in beauty school and somewhat reluctantly began doing manicures. It wouldn’t be long, however, before she realized she had found her true calling.

Jessica educated herself on the anatomy of the nail. She believed nails must be cared for and maintained like the skin with a regimen unique to the individual. Focusing on natural nail care, she developed a passion for upgrading the manicure experience—making it sophisticated and luxurious—for both the client and the professional doing the work.

Jessica opened her own salon, the Jessica Nail Clinic in Beverly Hills in 1969. It was the first-ever nails-only salon and it enabled Jessica to teach her cutting-edge technique to professionals she called “Nail Cultivists.”She inspired them to pass the knowledge on to the customer, a practice she believes in to this day. Her approach garnered her legions of fans including high-profile celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross, as well as longtime client Nancy Reagan, whom Jessica regularly visited in the White House to do her nails.

As her success continued to grow, Jessica launched Jessica Cosmetics, a product line based on her innovative philosophy of treating the nail from the foundation. Today, the line boasts a wide assortment of treatment products, over 230 Custom Colours, Effects, the GELeration Soak-Off Gel System, Zen Spa Pedicure, and Fusion 2.5.2 Pedicure. Jessica’s products are found in top salons in 60 countries worldwide, and Jessica remains at the forefront of nail care as its most trusted source.