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Kneipp® is a top European brand specializing in preservative-free, vegan, aromatheraputic products made from plant-based functional ingredients. The effective naturopathic studies of the health pioneer and "water doctor" Sebastian Kneipp laid the foundation in 1891 for the development of the Kneipp brand. Today, Kneipp continues its heritage by providing meticulously crafted body, bathing and skin products that nourish, beautify, and invigorate the skin from head to toe..

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Kneipp – Since 1891...

Back in the 19th century, nestled deep in the heart of Germany, Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), a naturopath and priest, cured himself of a severe case of tuberculosis using the very nature around him, combined with cold and hot water therapies (hydrotherapy). At that time, the disease was usually fatal, but Kneipp came across an eighteenth-century book about hydrotherapy that inspired him to immerse himself several times a week in the icy Danube River. These brief exposures to cold water seemed to bolster his immune system, sending his disease into remission.

Miraculously cured, he began his quest to provide all people a simple plan to improve and maintain good health with the healing powers of water combined with plants and herbs. Sebastian was famously known as a healer. Thousands of people visited him in the foot hills of the German Alps to learn his naturopathic methods and to be “cured”.

Sebastian Kneipp became friends and close partners with a Würzburg pharmacist who shared his conviction using naturopathic medicine and healing remedies. Using only natural plant essences and pure ingredients as a base, they created the formulas that still live on today in an extensive range of bath and body treatments, now with an international cult following.

Kneipp- made in Germany, with caring and holistic methods.