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Paraffin Booties, Mitts and Liners...
Pure Spa Direct has a large selection of disposable liners, warming booties, heat caps, cloth booties and paraffin mitts available in varying sizes and temperature setting options. Check out our selection of paraffin strips and washable terry cloth mitts and bulk pack of liners for your professional spa and salon services.

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Hand And Foot Liners for Paraffin Wax Treatments (JBPBLNRS) Hand And Foot Liners for Paraffin Wax Treatments (JBPBLNRS)

This brand is currently on backorder - BUT, if you place your order, another brand of boxed hand/foot paraffin liners will be substituted!These professional all-purpose hand and foot liners efficiently protect terry mitts and booties duri...

Spa / Salon Price: $10.99

About Paraffin Booties, Mitts and Liners:
Heated mitts, booties and liners are an essential tool in manicure and pedicure treatments. After hands and feet have been dipped in warm, paraffin wax or treatment cream, a disposable liner bag is applied over the hands and feet as a barrier (or liner) between the mitts and booties. With the paraffin or lotion treatment contained by the liner, the heat from the mitts and booties helps open pores allowing the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin leaving behind a noticeable softness that clients love. The deep warmth from the booties and mitts is very therapeutic for achy hands and feet and is commonly used in professional spa treatments. Cloth warming booties are tailored with pockets to provide a barrier between hot stones and bare skin on foot bottoms, with a front opening to allow toe stone placement during manicures and facials. Insulated velour mitts are also used in place of electric mitts for some treatments as well.