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Pedi Clear Jet Line Cleanser / 1 Gallon
Pedi Clear Jet Line Cleanser 1 Gallon
Spa / Salon Price: $15.99

Product Code: VU-303579


Pedi Clear Jet Line Cleanser / 1 Gallon

Jet Line Cleaner is a concentrated, non-foaming, chelating detergent designed to strip and flush scale and bio-film out of your chair’s eight feet of plumbing. The accumulation of bio-film can trap dangerous bacteria, viruses, dirt, toenails, hair, oils, lotions, and other contamination hidden in plumbing. You must effectively clean your plumbing in order to correctly disinfect the water and pedicure equipment! Use in conjunction with Pediclear®.

First time use requires an additional 8 ounces to the foot spa bath. Circulate water for 30 minutes. Let sit overnight. Circulate an additional 5 minutes before emptying.

For new chairs and those that have been treated as described above: add 2 ounces (for up to an 8 gallon foot spa basin) every evening and run for 30 minutes. It is advised to let stand overnight. In the morning, a quick 5 minute run before emptying is more beneficial.


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