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CND Shellac 2011 Colors - Mother of Pearl / 0.25 oz. - 7.3 mL - The 14 Day Manicure is Here! (691)

Pre-Order: CND Shellac Mother of Pearl 0.25 oz. - 7.3 mL - The 14 Day Manicure is Here! (691)

Spa / Salon Price: $15.95

Product Code: EK-100120

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CND Shellac Mother of Pearl / 0.25 oz. - 7.3 mL - The 14 Day Manicure is Here!

Try GelishThe Shellac System features a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat. Together with an appropriate 36 Watt UV lamp they comprise the breakthrough in resilient color that remains flawless for 14-days and removes in 10 minutes.

Say Hello to the Future!!! The world nail crisis is over!

Shellac is the breakthrough, patent-pending, UV-3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear color. This visionary new product category was created to be EASY ON-EASY OFF. Shellac applies like a polish-no pots-just bottle and brush. And removal is just 10 minutes! No filing, No drills. Shellac is UV cured, so there's ZERO drying time. It's thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides strong natural nail protection. The results? 24, glorious, high-gloss colors with a shine that's truly addictive!!!

  • Goes on like Polish, Wears like Gel
  • Comes off in minutes
  • Zero dry time
Shellac Service RequirementsDirections:
    Easy On Application
  1. Apply Shellac UV Base Coat, cure 10 seconds under UV lamp
  2. Apply Shellac UV Color Coat (x2), cure 2 minutes under UV lamp
  3. Apply Shellac UV Top Coat, cure 2 minutes under UV lamp and done!
    Easy Off Removal
  1. Saturate Wrap with acetone
  2. Wrap Finger
  3. Wait 10 Minutes
  4. Gently slide off

For complete application & removal directions, click here
For Troubleshooting Tips, click here

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  1. Pure Spa sells to licensed professionals ONLY.
  2. Due to the chemical nature of this product, it must ship via UPS Ground only.

Shellac Solid Color Application and Removal

Shellac French Application and Removal

CND UV Lamp Set-up

Shellac Layering UV Color Coat System

Question: Answer:

1) What type of client should Shellac be used for?

All types, but specifically geared toward the natural nail client.

2)  What is the positioning for Shellac?

  • 14-DAY WEAR

3) Is there anything else like Shellac in the marketplace? How does it compare to soakable gels?
  • Brand NEW innovation
  • TRUE hybrid technology
  • No comparison to other products on the market

  • 4)  Is Shellac patented? The formula is patent pending. Patents for the Remover wraps and Lamps are in process.

    5) When will there be more colors? 12 new shades will be added in November/December 2010.

    Question: Answer:

    6) What is the Salon price for Shellac?

    Base Coat = $15.95
    Color Coat = $15.95
    Top Coat = $15.95
    Lamp = $149.95
    Remover Wraps = $2.95 (10-pk)
                $24.95 (100-pk) $63.

    7) What is the price per oz? $63.80 per oz (UV Base Coat/UV Color Coat/UV Top Coat)

    8)  How many services per bottle?
    • Base Coat = 35
    • Color Coat = 20
      • 40 French Pink
      • 50 French White Tip
    • Top Coat = 20

    9) What is the suggested service price for Shellac? At least 50% over a normal manicure, most typically $40 - $100 for a service.

    Question: Answer:

    10) What does the word "hybrid" mean in the context of Shellac?
    Contains positive attributes of both nail polish & gel including solvents, monomers and polymers.

    11) Is the Shellac formula "3-Free"? Yes. Shellac does not include Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate).

    12)  Is Shellac hypo-allergenic? Yes, a low level of photo-initiators are utilized in Shellac. Photo-inhibitors can lead to sensitivity with some clients.

    13) Does Shellac bond covalently? No.

    14) Is there any odor to Shellac? A very slight odor may be noticeable upon application (Butyl Acetate causes a slight odor) but not nearly as strong as nail polish. After curing in the lamp, a residual odor does not remain.

    15) Does Shellac feel like a nail polish or an enhancement? The viscosity and fluid application are very similar to nail polish.

    Question: Answer:

    16) Does Shellac removal damage the natural nail?
    No. Shellac was developed and tested for years to perfect every aspect of the Shellac process, including removal. However, pre-existing nail conditions (ie. delamination) will remain and Shellac may not be suitable for every client.

    17) Will Shellac last longer than 14 days?
    • Yes. However it will show growth after 14 days.
    • Removal can be a bit longer after 14 days, as adhesion will increase the longer Shellac is worn.

    18)  Will soaps or other personal grooming products affect the wearability of Shellac? No. Shellac was developed and tested to withstand the rigors of daily wear.

    Question: Answer:

    19) Is it important to "Prep" before Shellac application? Do you need to file the shine from the natural nail surface prior to application?
    • Yes. It is very important to practice proper "Prep" to ensure long lasting 14-day results.
    • You do not need to remove the shine from the natural nail surface using a file or buffer. Shellac was formulated for 14-day wear and easy removal. Roughing the nail surface is not necessary for longevity and may impact the removal time.

    20) If I file the natural nail before application, will it stay on longer or better? No. Filing or buffing is not recommended or necessary.

    21)  Can nail polish thinner be used? If not, what can be used to thin Shellac? No. Thinning the product is not recommended & thinner cannot be used without affecting the efficacy of the product.

    22)  What happens if you use Shellac with a regular nail polish base coat or top coat? The product will not cure or work properly. Shellac is designed to work as a system. If all elements of the system are not used together, the product efficacy will be compromised.

    23)  How thick should each coat of Shellac be applied? For best results, each layer of Shellac should be applied very thinly – as thin as nail polish.

    24)  What if I experience "wrinkling" during curing? The application was too thick or the Lamp bulbs may need to be replaced. In some cases, the appearance of wrinkling can be corrected with the Top Coat application.

    25)  Can Shellac be used and cured with another brand's Lamp? No. Shellac was developed and designed to work with the UV output found only with the new CND UV Lamp (or the Brisa™ Lamp). There is no guarantee that Shellac will cure properly or wear well with any other brand of Lamp.

    26)  How is the sticky inhibition layer (after curing the Top Coat) removed? With 99% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol).

    27)  What is the cause if there is cloudiness or lack of shine in the Top Coat finish?
    • Confirm you are using 99% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to remove the inhibition layer.
    • Check the bulbs & the bulb indicator on the new CND UV Lamp to confirm that they are curing at 100%.

    28)  How is the orangewood stick used during removal? To gently push away any remaining residual material off the nail plate.

    29)  Can Remove (product remover) be used instead of acetone for removal? Not recommended, as it will take much longer for removal. Remove was designed to be used with L&P Enhancements which require longer soaking time.

    30)  Can cotton & foil be used for Shellac removal? Shellac Remover Wraps were developed & designed specifically for the Shellac removal process in an effort to minimize acetone exposure to the skin surrounding the nail. In addition, they are aesthetically pleasing, while providing a great, easy, sanitary option. If you run out of Remover Wraps, cotton and foil can be used as a temporary solution.

    31)  Is the removal time truly 10 minutes? Yes. Really!

    32)  Should the application and removal process be different for toes? Very similar. See Step-by-Steps for specific directions.

    33)  What are the home care guidelines for Shellac? Shellac is a professional only product – to be applied and removed at a salon by a trained Nail Professional. It is, however, recommended that clients apply SolarOil™ daily.

    34)  Can Shellac be used with enhancements (Liquid & Powder and Gel)? Yes. See Step-by-Steps for specific directions.

    35)  Can I sculpt with Shellac? No. Shellac has been designed as a Color Coat for natural nails. It is not formulated to change the shape or length of the nail. Enhancements are required for sculpting.

    36)  How do I apply and remove Shellac from enhancements (Liquid & Powder and Gel)? See Step-by-Steps for specific directions.

    37)  Can nail polish be used over Shellac? Yes. However it is not recommended if you want to experience one of the key benefits of Shellac: for 14-day wear. Why? Nail polish will begin chipping and wearing before 14 days.

    38)  Can Shellac shades be mixed? No. Each shade is specifically formulated as a standalone color. Mixing of colors will compromise the ratios of reactant ingredients.

    Question: Answer:

    39) What size is the bottle?
    0.25 fl oz (7.3 mL) (UV Base Coat/UV Color Coat/UV Top Coat).

    40) Why are the bottles coated? To provide UV protection preventing the product from prematurely curing inside the bottle.

    41)  How do I know true color if the bottle is coated? The bottle coating is the EXACT match to the end-result color on the nail (including crème, shimmer, opalescent or frost effects within the color).

    42) What is special about the brush & cap?
    • Rectangle, flat shaft provides easy application.
    • Triangle bristle hairs provide even, smooth coverage.
    • Base Coat bristle hairs are shorter to ensure thin application.

    • Soft-touch matte black cap provides comfort and application ease.

    Question: Answer:

    43) What are the KEY features of the new CND UV Lamp?
    • 5-finger cure
    • Pedicure friendly
    • Modern, ergonomic design
    • Competitive pricing
    • Digital keypad
    • Fully programmable, pre-set timer (10/60/120/180 sec)
    • Bulb replacement indicator

    44) Why does the new CND UV Lamp include 60 and 180 second pre-set timer cures? To offer flexibility for future innovation and new techniques (ie. nail art and design).

    45)  How often should bulbs be replaced in the new CND UV Lamp?
    • Every 100 hours or every 6 months for optimal curing.
    • The bulb replacement timer counts down from 100 hours.
    • All 4 bulbs should be replaced at the same time (replacement bulbs are sold as 4-pack). If this is not done, the combined output will be below the minimum requirement for optimal curing.

    46)  What if I already own the original Brisa™ Lamp? Can I use it for Shellac?
    • The Shellac UV Color Coat system was originally developed to utilize the same UV output as Brisa Gel, and can be used with the Brisa lamp (4/4/2 cure).

    • Bulbs are NOT interchangeable between Lamps – they have different fittings.
    • Brisa bulbs and liners will continue to be available for purchase.

    47)  Can the new CND UV Lamp be used for Brisa Gel as well? Yes. The new CND UV Lamp was designed to work with both the Shellac and Brisa Gel systems.

    48)  How many watts is the new CND UV Lamp? 36 total watts (4 bulbs x 9 watts/each).

    49)  How can the output with 4 bulbs (new CND UV Lamp) be the same as 3 bulbs (original Brisa Lamp)?
    • Wattage = power. UV output = energy. Output is the combination of the number of bulbs, geometric placement of the bulbs & the mirrors inside the lamp. The design of the new Lamp yields the same output as the Brisa Lamp.
    • The higher the output, the more effective the cure, which allows for lower levels of Photo-initiators to help eliminate shrinking & burning.

    50)  How do you remove the top of the new CND UV Lamp to replace the bulbs? Place thumbs inside both sides of the lamp opening and push out. Lift the top up and out.

    51)  Can the new CND UV Lamp be used for pedicures? Yes. The removable tray inside the lamp easily lifts up and out to allow a comfortable fit for most feet.

    52)  Can the new CND UV Lamp be left plugged into the electrical outlet at all times without damage? Yes, however, operating instructions specifically recommend to unplug when not in use.

    53)  Is there a warranty for the new CND UV Lamp? Yes. 1 year warranty.
  • US & CAN – serviced in US by CND.
  • International – serviced by regional distributor

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    CND IS FOR U.S. SALE ONLY - NOT FOR EXPORT. Pure Spa sells to licensed professionals ONLY.

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