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Pumice Stones / Pumice Sponges / Pumice Pads...
Pumice stones are a great solution for the safe removal of dry, dead skin on the feet or any callused areas such as hands and elbows. Pumice Pads are a great tool to quickly smooth rough and callused skin. Remember, do not apply too much pressure. Occasionally rinse while using. Use with or without soap.

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About Pumice Stones / Pumice Sponges / Pumice Pads:
Pumice stone is a gas-rich froth of glassy lava that has hardened quickly, forming a highly light and porous volcanic rock. Its abrasive texture makes it ideal for use in pedicures for scrubbing tough and calloused skin, leaving feet perfectly smooth. Pumice stones are not the only way to smooth and soften calloused feet, many pedicurists also like using stainless steel files, pumice blocks, pumice stones, pumice pads, and pumice brushes. Boxes of pumice stones are also available for bulk, wholesale purchase at Pure Spa Direct.