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Royal Spa Float Tank - Commercial Model - for Float Centers (RSFT-COMMERCIAL)
Royal Spa Float Tank - Commercial Model - for Float Centers (RSFT-COMMERCIAL)

Spa / Salon Price: $22,500.00
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Royal Spa Float Tank - Commercial Model - for Float Centers

What if you could bring peace and relaxation to your clients like they have never experienced before? Now you can with flotation therapy. Imagine where the mind could go and how healing would come if one could completely quiet the body. In a Royal Spa Float Tank, clients are treated to an amazing weightless experience. Clients can learn how to relax in the deepest sense of the word... weightless, silent, and peaceful.

In water temperatures that match the body's own internal temperature, clients float, suspended in a rich bath of Epsom salt (or magnesium sulfate) - a mineral of which nearly all people are deficient. As they float, clients absorb and increase magnesium and sulfate levels, calming their nervous system and enhancing their body's natural ability to heal. Aches, pains and stress fade away. Vitality is renewed. Clients will emerge feeling like a new person. Floating is a powerful tool for managing pain and stress, and for self-exploration.

The Royal Spa Float Tanks have been designed with three things in mind. First, they offer your clients an amazing experience from flotation therapy that they will want to come back for on a regular basis. Second, they tanks are unbelievably low in maintenance. And third, they are very energy efficient.

Flotation therapy has been shown to be beneficial for:
  • Migraine relief
  • Sleep improvement
  • Stress management, recovery from addiction, and PTSD
  • Anti-inflammatory muscle relief - i.e. pain management, including back and neck aches, migraines, muscle and joint soreness
  • Relief from fibromyalgia and other disorders of the muscles and joints
  • Relief from arthritis
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced tendency toward diabetes
  • Autism therapy
  • Spiritual discovery and meditation
  • Doubles rate of healing in contusional and muscle strains
  • Theta wave healing
  • Creativity enhancement and super-learning
  • Relief for pregnancy symptoms—relieves pressure from feet and back; also, creates symbiotic sense of connection with baby
The Royal Spa Float Tanks hold 180 gallons and are available in a Clinical Model for spas and salons (controlled by your Clinician) and a Commercial Model for float centers (with a Lobby Control System & Session Control). All of our units accommodate iPod with either direct-connect or Bluetooth, providing your MP3 music inside. The heating system is a flow-through type with additional heaters under the tank. They use multiple purification systems and a simple filter that is readily available.

The Commercial Model is designed for floating centers with multiple float rooms. The Commercial Model is set up for Lobby Controls with session timing and a built in intercom. When a float tank client needs assistance, they just push the intercom button once and a connection is made without having to hold down the button. They can resume their float and wait for the attendant to respond. The lobby can communicate with float tanks individually or as a group.

  • Unparalleled Design & Functionality
  • 24/7 Filtration When Not in Use
  • Extremely Low Interior Condensation
  • Under-Body Heater: Maintain Constant Temperature During Float
  • Combined Ozone, Germicidal UV and Filter Purification
  • Multi Color LED / Chromotherapy - the user can select a variety of colors or cycle through. They can choose the color you are most attracted to during a float.
  • iPod & MP3 Integration
  • All Components Built Into Pod Body - No Additional Space Needed
  • Ultra Quiet Motor / Multiple Jets For Better Water Flow
  • Warranty: 10 Year Structural, 5 Year Parts and 1 Year Surface
Note: Actual shipping costs may vary from those shown at check out. We will contact you if any adjustment is required... or call us at 800-434-0018 and request a shipping quote... ask about curbside delivery, inside delivery and white glove delivery options!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q. Can clients fall asleep in the float tank?
    A. The water is so buoyant that they float effortlessly. Some people enjoy falling asleep in the tank while their body is in a state of extreme relaxation.

  • Q. Can they keep the lid open if they are afraid they will feel claustrophobic?
    A. Of course, they can keep the lid open if it would make their experience more comfortable. Additionally, they can keep the lights on if that would help them relax.

  • Q. Can clients float if they are pregnant?
    A. Absolutely! Pregnant floaters have reported great relief from the aches, pains, and stresses that are common throughout pregnancy. The weightless environment works special wonders on those achy back pains. Pregnant clients should wait until after their first trimester and consult with their doctor before floating just to be safe.

  • Q. Is floatation something new?
    A. Not at all. People have been floating around the world enjoying enhanced wellbeing for decades.

  • Q. What effect will the Epsom Salt have on the skin?
    A. Many have found a beneficial softening effect upon their skin.

  • Q. How is the water kept clean?
    A. After each float session, the water in the tanks passes through an advanced filtration system that fully filters the total content of water in the float tank approximately multiple times. In addition, due to the high salt content and additional sanitizing agents, an environment is maintained in which no harmful bacteria can survive.

  • Q. Can clients float with another person?
    A. Only one person can float in each float tank at the same time.

  • Q. How will a 90 minute session be broken up?
    A. Typically: 10 minute pre-float explanation and questions, 10 minute pre-float shower, 60 minute float, and 10 minute post float shower. Returning floater can request a 10 minute complimentary float extension as they no longer require the pre-float talk.

  • Q. Can clients eat before a float?
    A. They should leave themselves enough time to digest beforehand so they don't feel heavy with digestion.

  • Q. How should clients prepare for a float?
    A. It is recommended that they avoid shaving prior to their float. This often leaves the skin sensitive and can cause the skin to sting for the first few moments inside the tank. If they wish to avoid this, you can provide some Vaseline to cover up recently shaved areas.

  • Q. What do clients need to bring?
    A. Nothing really. However those with longer hair might want to bring a comb, and those with contacts should bring their cases so they have a place to put the contacts when they are floating.

  • Q. Do clients float in a bathing suit?
    A. Most people don’t as the bathing suit prevents the full experience. However, if they would feel more comfortable in a bathing suit, they can and will still experience an extremely relaxing float!

  • Q. Do people float for extended session times?
    A. Yes, it is common for people to book longer sessions. Some find that longer sessions help them go further into the floatation experience, which helps them feel even greater effects on the mind and body.

  • Q. Do the effects of floatation get stronger or weaker over time?
    A. Much like exercise, the benefits of floatation are cumulative and have a greater impact on the mind and body over time. Once the benefits are experienced, many want to float routinely to continually enhance and support their well-being. You can offer reduced package prices to help accommodate our guests who want float more often.

  • Q. Do clients have to know how to swim?
    A. No. The immense amount of Epsom salts will have them floating effortlessly, and in fact it is practically impossible to become fully submerged. Additionally the water is only 12 inches deep for when they need to enter and exit the float tank.

  • Q. Is there plumbing required?
    A. No, but there needs to be 220v 20 amp service to run the float tank.

  • Q. How big are they?
    A. Outside Dimensions: 103" Length X 68" Width

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