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Sa-Wan Thai Heaven Massage And Body Oil (224 0179)
Sa-Wan Thai Heaven Massage And Body Oil (224 0179)

Sa-Wan Thai Heaven Massage And Body Oil

Formulated by massage therapists and contains a blend of certified organic oils of aloe, Jojoba, and olive oil for a smooth, soft, silky glide. Natural essential oils lend a vivacious lemongrass scent. No nut oils and is water dispersible. Choose from 4oz or 8oz.


Precaution:Please review safety of working with the Thai herbal ball before you begin this treatment. Thai herbal ball massage incorporates heated herbal balls into a massage treatment for the feet and legs. The herbal balls are heated in a steamer, then applied directly to the skin after the massage in this treatment. The herbal ball is excellent for relief of stiff, sore, or strained muscles and ligaments in the foot and legs. The blend of traditional Thai herbs used in our herbal balls have a therapeutic, relaxing, and invigorating effect on the body and mind, while also soothing sore and over-worked muscles in the feet and legs and giving a boost for the body's life energy level. Massage leg first then follow with the heated herbal ball:
  1. Client is seated comfortably with shoes/socks off.
  2. Clean feet with hand cleaner and paper or cloth towel.
  3. Massage Left leg and foot with massage oil (our very own Thai Spice or Thai Heaven recommended) using long, soothing strokes and circular friction. Go over foot with attention to moving toes and ankle. Use long, deep strokes through the arch; using thumbs or knuckles around heel.
  4. Finish massage with light feathery downward strokes from knee to toes. About 2 minutes for massage of foot and leg.
  5. Remove Thai Herbal Ball from heat source. (Be very mindful of the temperature of the ball; wrap a hand towel around the stem to remove from steamer, if needed. Test temperature on your forearm regularly and solicit feedback from client.) Starting at the top of the foot, mid-foot, and ankle by applying the herbal ball in a fast-paced, pressing movement. Then, using a slower rocking or rolling motion, move up the Sen Lines of the leg (these are lines of energy-there are three-an equal distance apart on the front of the leg). Repeat, rolling up the leg two more times (total 3).
  6. Move to the sole ofthe foot. Starting at the ball ofthe foot, roll or rock the herbal ball under the toe li ne, then continue down the foot through the arch and around the heel (repeat for total of 3 times).
  7. Put ball back into steamer and then finish the leg/foot with some Indian rubbing or sweeping motions.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 on Right leg/foot. Five minutes.
  9. Close massage by holding the feet and gently laying hands on tops of both feet and lightly grasping foot. Hold for a few seconds to allow an energetic connection to settle in; quietly release. Note: This treatment is for a ten minute show massage and only done in the pronated position.


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VW-132427 Sa-Wan Thai Heaven Massage And Body Oil / 4 oz. (224 0179 08)
VW-132426 Sa-Wan Thai Heaven Massage And Body Oil / 8 oz. (224 0179 04)
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