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Sadick Dermatology - products based on the structural 3-D approach to aging and global rejuvenation. The Park Avenue Prescription is a three product system that is clinically proven to deliver amazing results. This is an esthetician's dream... simple, effective and inexpensive... AND there is no need to stock dozens and dozens of SKUs. Carry the kits or carry the kits+open stock... the choice is yours! A wholesale EXCLUSIVE at Pure Spa Direct!

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For over 25 years, Sadick Dermatology has developed professional strength skincare exclusively for our patients. Known to insiders as "the Park Avenue Prescription" our unique, three-dimensional, structural approach to photo-aging and skin health is now available. Developed by our panel of dermatologists, skincare experts and clinical researchers, we've combined the best scientifically-tested ingredients with our expertise and research.

We see patients every day in our offices and they have the same questions and concerns as you. We know how the skin ages. And we know how to keep it lookng its best. When all three products are used together, this clinically proven approach to skincare addresses all visible signs of aging to help prevent and reverse environmental damage.