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Headband Magnifiers... Headband magnifiers are a type of magnifying lens worn around the head, similar to a headband. They are typically used in spas, nail salons, and lash centers, and more where close-up and detailed work is required. The magnifying lenses are mounted on a flexible, adjustable headband that allows for hands-free use, freeing up the user's hands for the task at hand. Headband magnifiers typically come in different magnifying strengths, ranging from 1.5x to 5x, to accommodate different levels of visual acuity and the specific needs of the user. They are also often illuminated, providing bright, clear light to enhance visibility and make it easier to see even the smallest details. In conclusion, headband magnifiers are a convenient and practical tool for anyone working in a spa or nail salon who needs clear, detailed vision while working on their clients.

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Head Band Magnifiers
The Head Band Magnifier is a convenient tool to help reduce eye strain and give you two free hands to work on your client.