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Triangular Corner Showcase / 20" x 20" x 38"H by CBL Displays (CB10)

Triangular Corner Showcase / 20" x 20" x 38"H (CB10)
Spa / Salon Price: $403.99


Product Code: KF-877014


LED Interior Lighting [Add $115.00]


Triangular Corner Showcase / 20" x 20" x 38"H

Deluxe Triangular Corner Showcase 20"x20"x38"H, also called triangular corner display case or triangular corner glass cabinet. The glass and aluminum construction of this sturdy and beautiful cabinet ensure its durability. This glass cabinet is very functional, easy to clean, and a great option for jewellery stores, mall kiosks, department stores, gift shops, museums, airport stores, cellular and computer part retailers. Thanks to its geometrical form and small construction, it fits nicely in all stores, no matter how small (important when you have a space issue). It is an ideal transition piece no matter the store counter configuration. It also allows an extra full view of the products on display, so your clients will be able to appreciate your merchandise from different angles. Jewellery, glasses, collectibles, beauty products are just some of the types of products that look beautiful when displayed in this case.

Shown as part of a KioskFeatures:
  • Curved anodized aluminum profile
  • 2 adjustable glass shelves
  • Easy-slide glass doors
  • Lock included
  • 6” black base with levelers
The Triangular Corner display features a polished curved aluminum profile, sturdy, water resistant and durable, that adds a contemporary and clean look to your store. This glass cabinet also comes with 2 adjustable glass shelves, so that you can easily reconfigure the cabinet when making changes to your products on display. The easy-slide glass doors come with lock included, a feature that keeps unauthorized hands away from your merchandise. The unit comes pre-assembled, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. We ensure you that your display case is expertly assembled. The 6" M.D.F. black base with levelers allows you to adjust the display in order to keep it stable when the floor is uneven.

You have the option of upgrading to LED lighting. This is a green option that will save you money on bulb replacement and electric cost while offering the best quality illumination for your on display.

The Triangular Corner display is an economical way to create a kiosk combination when combined with the CB1A Full View 48, the CB2A 2/3 View Showcase, the CB4 Cash Counter 24 and the CB6 Trophy Showcase. Or buy it to make good use of a corner space in your store.

Note: Actual shipping costs may vary from those shown at check out (if item must ship via common carrier due to size). We will contact you if any adjustment is required... or call us at 800.434.0018 and check for a shipping quote!

CBL Displays specializes in showcases, also called glass displays, and display cabinets. Their products are a sure fit for all types of stores, from the retail areas of spas, salons med spas to department stores, to optical outlets, gift shops, airport stores, mall kiosks, specialty stores, boutiques, computer and electronic stores, auto and bike parts stores, cell phone stores, even museum shops. CBL Displays provides top quality products that look great, last long and perform great.

    CBL Displays provides quality products. CBL Displays are structured on glass, aluminum and MDF.

  • Glass is a durable, easy cleaning, and high end material. All the large panels of glass on CBL Displays' Vision line of Showcases are tempered. The large glass panels on CBL Displays' CBL Line Wall, Tower, and Trophy showcases are also tempered glass. Tempered glass is also known as toughened, or safety glass. This glass is produced with controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering creates balanced internal stresses which cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. The granular chunks are less likely to cause injury. Toughened glass is also physically and thermally stronger than regular glass. Basically, tempered glass is less likely to break than regular glass, and when it does break, the pieces are small and harmless.

  • The wood in CBL Displays' cabinets is all MDF board. M.D.F. stands for Medium-density fiberboard, this is an engineered wood product created by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure. M.D.F. is stronger and denser than normal particle board which is commonly used by other manufacturers and vendors.

  • Many of CBL Displays' showcases, particularly the CBL Line feature a curved aluminum profile. The profile has been anodized and polished for a stylish and modern finish. The aluminum profile is extremely durable and sturdy to give you many years of product use. It is also resistant to corrosion and water damage.
  • LED lighting is offered as an alternative to fluorescent lighting in some of CBL Displays' display cases. LED lighting technology utilizes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. Since the light output of individual light-emitting diodes is small compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps, multiple diodes are often used together. In recent years, as diode technology has improved, high power light-emitting diodes with higher lumen output are making it possible to replace other forms of lighting. The LED lighting offers a long service life and high energy efficiency. Unlike compact fluorescent LED contains no toxic mercury and turns on instantly. The lifetime of LED is unaffected by cycling on and off and more difficult to break than fluorescent tubes. The LED lighting option is very compact and concealed with a slim lined reflector. Its multiple point light source produces sparkle which is especially suitable to gift items and jewelry.

  • All CBL Displays' closed showcases and cabinets include lock and keys, so you don’t have to worry about the security of the products you are displaying or storing in them.

  • CBL Displays' showcases come in different colors and lengths. They come with levelers or casters, depending on the item which help you move and stabilize the showcase on different types of floors.
Product Lines:
    CBL Displays' display cases are grouped in three different lines Vision, CB and Essentials.

  • VISION LINE: The Vision Glass Display Line is very popular in optical outlets, gift shops, jewelry stores, and many other boutiques. The Vision Line features a high end, custom look at an economical price. This line satisfies the most particular aesthetic tastes while achieving a high quality standard. CBL Displays' Vision Line showcases are made primarily with tempered glass. Many of the cases feature 9mm thick glass with a distinctive green edge that is appreciated by top designers. They offer an unrestricted view of the objects or merchandise on display. In addition, these cabinets are sturdy and durable, and carefully finished. All that plus a very reasonable price are the factors that make this line so popular among discerning retailers. Many of the showcases in this line include true color halogen lighting that illuminates and enhances the color characteristics of the products on display.

  • CBL Line: The CBL Line is CBL Displays' top selling line. Its distinctive and modern design features curved anodized aluminum profiles that are resistant to corrosion and water damage. These displays are extremely durable and sturdy, and can be used in all kind of retail stores, department stores, car dealerships, auto and bike parts stores, gift stores, boutiques, electronics, and cellular phone stores, computer parts retailers, optical outlets, etc. The aluminum frame is especially well suited to metallic or high tech products, such as car and bicycle parts, cellular and computer parts, electronics, and watches. This line features quality hardware such as metal rollers that allow a smooth movement for glass and panel doors; metal finger pulls; drawer slides that open and close effortlessly, adjustable glass shelves, levelers that allow you to stabilize the cabinet on uneven floors, and locks. The CBL Line glass displays and cabinets can be used stand alone or combined into a kiosk.

  • ESSENTIALS LINE: The ESSENTIALS series display cases are designed for the very budget conscious retailer. This line allows you to have a very functional and attractive combination of showcases and cabinets that suits your retail requirements. The Essentials cabinets and glass cases can be combined to form a versatile kiosk or used as stand-alone displays. CBL Displays' cases are very study and are constructed with 5/8” MDF board laminated with white, maple or black melamine. They are built to last. The ESSENTIALS line is perfect for all retail applications: some examples are gift and specialty stores, cellular phone, clothing, jewelry, eyeglass and sunglass shops, boutiques, shoe and department stores and car part dealers.

  • NOTE: You can mix and match CBL Displays' Vision line, CBL Line and ESSENTIALS line according to you project needs. Many of the units in the three lines are the same depth and height so they work well when matched together.

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