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Wood Boards & Emery Boards...
Wood Boards & Emery Boards are a must-have for any professional nail technician or spa. These non-cushioned, wood-core nail files are a very cost-effective and efficient option for shaping and smoothing natural nails. They are made from thin strips of wood or card stock as the core and are coated with an abrasive such as emery (abrasive sand) - or another abrasive - to provide a precise and durable filing surface. They are perfect for use on natural nails and are gentle enough for use on delicate or weak nails. In addition to their cost-effectiveness and durability, wood boards and emery boards are also easy to clean and sanitize, making them a hygienic choice for both technicians and clients.

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Wood Boards & Emery Boards...
Wood files are non cushioned, wood core nail files. They are inexpensive strips of thin wood or card coated with emery or another abrasive and are used as a nail file.