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Alaska Glacial Mud Co... Purify your clients' skin with pure, mineral-rich glacier derived mud, hand scooped from the Copper River Delta in Alaska. 60+ trace elements promote healthy skin cell regeneration. Products exfoliate, soften, and nourish skin. Enriched with organic, Pacific Northwest botanical extracts. Gentle and balanced for all skin types. Start offering "Glacial Facials" Today!

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About Alaska Glacial Mud Co.:
Alaska Glacial Mud Co. is proud to call Cordova, Alaska home. Nicknamed Alaska’s Hidden Treasure and the Friendly City, Cordova is both beautiful and quaint. Cordova is an island on the mainland of Alaska only accessible by boat or airplane. We are surrounded by mountains, glaciers, wetlands, oceans, and wilderness. You don’t come here for traffic lights, billboards, or fast food because we don’t have any of that!

Founded in 2006, Alaska Glacial Mud Co. sustainably hand-harvests pure glacial mineral mud from the vast Copper River Delta where it is deposited by the river at the impressive rate of 60-100 million tons annually by timeless glaciers that have ground remote mountains into pure mineral-rich powder. We supply glacial mineral mud raw material and manufacture a niche line of glacier-derived spa therapy products.

The sustainable Cordova economy and subsistence lifestyle rely heavily on the bountiful resources of the Copper River, the Prince William Sound, and the Gulf of Alaska to support a rich cultural heritage and a sustainable economy in our remote fishing town.

This slender strip of mountainous rainforest and wetlands along the Pacific Coast provides us with healthful clean air, pure water, and abundant resources. Landlocked by majestic backdrops, it is a great pleasure to operate in the global marketplace with our sustainable resources.

Where the river meets the sea. The luxurious spa-quality of glacial mud is well known by Alaskans who grow up bathing in its buttery texture. The idea for Alaska Glacial Mud Co. in particular was a life-changing rafting trip down the majestic Copper River. After an exciting lunch spying on brown bears fishing for salmon on the opposite side of the river, we decided to take a dip in the clear glacial pools. Soon after stepping into the pool, our feet sank into buttery mud, and it was a divine sensation. We proceeded to cover our faces and bodies in the silky mud pretending to be guests at the wildest spa in the world. After washing it off, our skin was soft and glowing!

As the founder of Alaska Glacial Mud Co., little did Lauren Padawer know that a riverside spa treatment amongst bear tracks and the wild call of eagles would be her future. And that’s when Alaska Glacial Mud Co. began!