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Cold Stone Massage Sets - Cold Facial & Body Massage Stones... Athletes all over the world swear by the benefits of cold stone massage; by incorporating cold stones into your massage therapy regimen, you can help reduce inflammation and swelling while also speeding up the healing process. At, we are proud to carry a full line of cold stone massage supplies, including cold stone sets and individual cold stones in a variety of shapes and sizes, all at affordable prices. Whether you're using cold stone massage as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with hot stone massage, our high-quality products from industry leaders like CoreStones, The Med Stone, and Master Massage Equipment will get the job done. With our low prices and convenient shipping options, you can shop our selection of cold stone massage supplies with confidence.

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  1. What is cold stone massage?
    Cold stone massage is a type of cool ice treatment that combines massage techniques like trigger point and cross-fiber friction. This type of physical therapy is similar to the more popular hot stone massage, except that the stones used must be chilled on ice. When performing a cold stone massage, move slowly in order to allow the cold to penetrate warm muscle tissues and remove heat from the body.
  2. What are the benefits of cold stone facial massage?
    A cold stone massage on the body can help with sports injuries, menstrual symptoms, and energy levels. The small marble pieces in a cold stone massage kit can soothe sinusitis and allergic rhinitis symptoms, reduce eye puffiness and skin redness, and relieve pounding headaches when used on the face.
  3. What kind of stones are generally used for a cold stone massage?
    A cold stone massage set, such as the 9-piece marble stone set from MasterŪ, typically contains several white marble stones of varying shapes and sizes. Because of its calcium content, marble retains cold very well, making it ideal for cold stone massage. Some sets also include sedimentary marine stones, which can be used in conjunction with hot basalt stones to provide alternate hot and cold stone massages. While larger cold massage stones are typically sold separately from hot ones, smaller ones can be purchased in a 45-piece hot and cold facial massage stone set. Because of their small size, they are ideal for not only facial massage but also hot and cold alternative therapies for the hands and feet.
  4. What temperature should a cold stone massage be?
    Marble stones need about 10-15 minutes in an ice bath to reach the optimum temperature for a cold stone massage when stored at room temperature, and the lowest recommended temperature is 30°F. Cold stones should never be applied directly to the client's skin because they can cause burns or frostbite. Instead, use a sheet or towel as a barrier. Check to see if the client has any heart conditions, poor kidney function, hypothyroidism, or cold hypersensitivity.
  5. How do you prepare for a cold stone massage?
    It is best to always have some on hand before a therapy session because you may use cold and hot stones together as well as with other massage techniques. Your stones can either be kept in the salon's refrigerator, brought to the client's house in a small cooler with ice packs, or placed in an ice bowl prior to the session. The Med-Stone chiller, which includes one earthy stoneware stone and two frozen packs, is a unique instrument you can employ. A high-quality carrier massage oil and several towels are additional massage treatment supplies to have on hand in addition to the cold stone massage set and the necessary chilling medium. Wear closed-toe shoes whenever you use hot or cold massage stones because the oil can make them rather slippery. Be especially careful with cold marble stones because they can chip and break when dropped.
  6. What are the main effects on the body of using hot and cold stones?
    While cold stones absorb the excess heat, restrict blood vessels, and force blood and lymph away from the treated area, hot stones widen blood vessels, enhance blood flow, and aid in muscle relaxation. Hot stones may be viewed as a sedative, whereas cold stones may be viewed as a stimulant. The body's reaction is stronger when hot and cold stones are alternated during a massage. This dramatically lessens inflammation and congestion while also enhancing the healing effects of both therapeutic approaches. Ending with a cold application is advised when using either kind of stone.
  7. Does a cold stone massage release toxins?
    The hunting response, also known as the Lewis reaction or hunting reaction, can be elicited by a cold stone massage. This procedure does not sufficiently remove toxins but does help to reduce discomfort and muscular spasms. To achieve that, manual lymphatic drainage techniques including effleurage and compression, as well as a combination of hot and cold stones, must be used throughout the manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).