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Hair Removal Wax Warmers / Wax Heaters...
Hundreds of wax warmers, wax heaters and depilatory devices. Pure Spa Direct offers an amazing selection of depilatory wax warmers for spas, salons and waxing professionals. Choose wax heaters from brands like Sorisa, Satin Smooth, GiGi, Amber, Spilo, Depilève, Spa Masters, Equipro, Clean & Easy and more! Here you will find single wax roll on applicators for legs, body, and face, wax cartridges, and single wax warmers, double wax warmers, triple wax warmers and even quadruple wax warmers. You can have every type of wax you need at your fingertips.

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About Hair Removal Wax Warmers / Wax Heaters...
Depilatory means to remove unwanted hair. Waxing is the most commonly used method for removing hair. Hair removal is a popular salon and spa service and having the proper type of warmer for melting and heating wax is important. There are many models of depilatory wax warmers and hair removal devises for taking off hair and they vary by skin type, hair type and body part. Wax warmers keep hair removal wax at an ideal temperature for hair removal services on clients. Many wax warmers have adjustable heat settings for different types of wax. Wax needs to stay melted at the suggested temperature to ensure proper hair removal. There are small wax warmers just for delicate facial hair that only hold one cup of wax. While there are other professional wax warmers that hold up to eight pounds of wax. Spas and salons may have many different types of wax warmers depending on the demands of their clientele. Shop for hundreds of wax heaters at