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Depileve Wax... Quality waxing products for your spa/salon. Depilève believes that a comprehensive professional waxing system should cover a wide range of cosmetic products for both before and after waxing that prepare and treat the skin to reveal its beauty after hair removal treatment. This is why we offer many different types of wax and treatments that adapt to each type of hair, to all skin types and to all areas of the body. Our waxing services combine the best cosmetic treatments with cutting-edge technology and the most precise methodology.

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Depilève only uses the best ingredients when designing its wax, paraffin, creams and treatments. One of the distinctive features of our wax is the meticulous process of selecting resins, chosen for their fantastic grip, colour and stability. Our precise quality control safeguards the formula of our products so that outstanding results are repeated time and time again with each waxing treatment.

With Depilève, you will enjoy the peace of mind that goes hand in hand with working alongside the world's number one in waxing, enhancing the comfort and effectiveness of each treatment thanks to the specific products for home use that improve the results of every professional waxing session.

Working with Depilève is on a par with prestige, success and quality. A recognised symbol of distinction that is increasingly in demand by more and more clients. They know that they will enjoy treatments adapted to their skin type and hair type thanks to the wax, cosmetic products and the Depilève exclusive way of working. A one-of-a-kind beauty ritual that stays ahead of client needs and ensures they keep coming back.