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Miss Cire - Professional Depilatory Wax from Europe...
Miss Cire offers a complete line of high quality waxing products for professional use including: Green Hard Wax, Blue Hard Wax, Pink Hard Wax, Blue Beads Hard Wax, Roll-on Wax, Strip Wax, Large Wax Warmers, Stainless Steel Wax warmers, Blue Wax, Waxing Kits and more!

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About Miss Cire...

It is Miss Cire's goal to offer professionals in the beauty industry high-quality products designed to enhance their performance as well as to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. Miss Cire’s unique professional waxing products are available to estheticians, salon owners, cosmetologists, esthetic students, and other licensed beauty professionals that are interested in providing top of the line services to their clients.

Whether you are an experienced salon owner or just starting in the beauty industry, Miss Cire products are guaranteed to satisfy your professional needs and your clients’ personal beauty needs by making waxing simple and pain-free.

We are proud to provide every member of our community with helpful beauty tips, professional advice, and innovative ideas. Join the growing Miss Cire community and find out what makes Miss Cire one of the best professional wax brands in the industry.