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Organic Fiji - Certified Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Products...
Inspired by the beautiful tropics of the Fijian Islands, Organic Fiji is a company dedicated to creating personal care products all made with Fiji’s cherished resource, 100% Certified Organic Coconut Oil.

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About Organic Fiji

The tale of Organic Fiji starts on a beautiful group of islands far, far away. The Fijian Islands are a group of tropical islands located in the South Pacific about 1100 miles Northwest of New Zealand. Bob Rogers, the founder of Organic Fiji, discovered the beauty of these islands in 2001 on a family vacation. While he was there he noticed how all the islanders had beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Their secret was coconut oil. Certified Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. He learned how they used it in their daily routines, beauty regimes, and in their diet too. He witnessed first hand how this ingredient can benefit people in so many different ways..

Bob went on to find out that there was a coconut plantation in Fiji. The coconuts grown at this plantation were cold pressed to produce certified organic virgin coconut oil. This method of extraction means that all the goodness of the coconut is kept in tact. (Click here to find out more about Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Process). The plantation also burned the coconut husks afterwards to provide a clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy for the plantation and the surrounding communities. This plantation not only produced a valuable ingredient that held so many benefits, but was also socially responsible for its working actions.

Bob felt that the secret of the amazing coconut, its seemingly endless list of benefits in all aspects of life and the working methods of this coconut plantation were all too much of a treasure to keep to himself! He wanted to share it with the world! With this enthusiasm and passion Organic Fiji was born!

Organic Fiji was created with the vision that there could be skin care products on the market that were not only pure and organic, using natures tropical treasure as their key ingredient, but they could also be products that did not compromise performance. Organic Fiji products were to nourish and care for the skin like no other products on the market. And so it began...