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Oxygen Botanicals...
The First Skin Care Line Infused with Pure Naturally Derived Oxygen


Oxygen Botanicals is the first skincare line infused with pure oxygen that is not chemically derived. Most oxygen product lines produce oxygen through a chemical reaction which can bleach skin and facial hair and dehydrate the skin. Oxygen Botanicals has developed a unique and proprietary process to encapsulate pure oxygen into catezome structures. Twelve different sizes of catezomes disperse oxygen and other nutrients into the skin at different intervals to provide a full 24 hours of effective, rejuvenating ingredients with only twice daily application.

Oxygen Botanicals high-grade skincare line includes professional and retail porducts that are affordable and effective for both professional and home use. The inclusion of a wide range of products allows for easy customization to treat any skin type and condition. Oxygen Botanicals products also work synergistically with aesthetic equipment for improved, oxygenated facials. Botanicals have been utilized for their restorative powers for thousands of years. The researchers at Oxygen Botanicals have chosen specific botanical extracts and vitamins that are proven to contribute to healthy looking, beautiful skin. In addition to oxygen and botanicals, Oxygen Botanicals employs pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to provide even greater benefit to the skin.