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Discover Silhouet-Tone's Exceptional Range

High-quality esthetic equipment and spa furniture, designed to meet the specific needs of spas, salons, and beauty professionals worldwide. Since 1965, Silhouet-Tone has been a leader in the industry, crafting state-of-the-art products that have earned the trust of clients in over 53 countries. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and service, their offerings are tailored to enhance your establishment's performance and client satisfaction.

Explore Silhouet-Tone's diverse selection, including body contouring, electrolysis, light therapy, microdermabrasion, waxing, and operating supplies. Transform your space with their versatile and ergonomic furniture, such as multi-purpose spa beds, med-spa chairs, massage therapy tables, workstations, technician stools, and pedicure chairs. In addition, their furniture add-ons help create a seamless and customized setup that optimizes your workspace.

By choosing Silhouet-Tone, you'll be investing in cutting-edge equipment and furniture that has been designed with a focus on safety and user experience. All products meet rigorous international and local quality standards, ensuring that you're offering the very best to your clients. Elevate your spa or salon with Silhouet-Tone's impressive lineup, and experience the difference that their industry-leading expertise and innovation can make for your business.

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About Silhouet-Tone...

Silhouet-Tone has been transforming the workspaces of beauty professionals since 1965 by combining functionality with creative inspiration, quality with accessible comfort, and exclusive design with affordable prices.

Silhouet-Tone's inspiration is driven by the integration of five major strengths:

An international "Made in Canada" design.
Silhouet-Tone's spa and esthetic furniture are entirely designed and manufactured in Canada, as are their specialized devices and esthetic essentials.

Ergonomic and modern designs.
As a company that has been at the forefront of innovation since 1965, Silhouet-Tone's team of experts has benefited from the knowledge and wisdom acquired over a span of 50 years. Their expertise shines through in every design we create. It is the company’s priority to provide clients with the utmost in usability, safety, and comfort.

Proven quality.
Silhouet-Tone’s quality management systems have achieved ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2003 certifications. All the critical components of our equipment and furniture meet international electrical safety standards and bear the UL listing mark. Upon request, they can also comply with California Flammability Standards (California Technical Bulletin 133). With this quality guarantee, Silhouet-Tone easily outstrips the competition.

Functional environmental concerns.
Silhouet-Tone's approach revolves around support for the use of certified raw materials, as they are well aware of the growing importance of the environment with regard to our common future. Silhouet-Tone, therefore, incorporates this element in the design of all its products, particularly in its wood panels which are FSC-certified. Furthermore, their sustainability efforts have earned Silhouet-Tone a reputation as a manufacturer of the longest-lasting products on the market. They focus on responsible practices that positively affect us all socially, economically, and environmentally. Silhouet-Tone has established ambitious standards and they measure their performance against them.

Joint collaboration.
Whether you are in a spa, a beauty salon, a medi-spa, or a clinic, Silhouet-Tone calls on hundreds of beauty professionals each year in an effort to better understand individual needs and aspirations. Through this network of collaborators, they are able to offer unique furniture designs that allow each Professional to imagine an indoor space that is truly reflective of who they are. Over the years, Silhouet-Tone's collections have evolved, always keeping pace with our customer’s expectations. Whether you have a small workspace or a limited budget, need versatile furniture or extravagant comfort, Silhouet-Tone's equipment specifications are a functional expression of your needs and those of your clients. There is no better way to promote your company than to have a customer who is pleased with the level of comfort and service received.