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Stripless wax, also called Hard Wax or Hot wax, is ideal for use over smaller and more sensitive and delicate areas of the skin; therefore we recommend this is used on your bikini area, face and sometimes underarms depending on the sensitivity of the clients skin or thickness of the hairs. Hot wax is designed to shrink-wrap around the hair follicle, removing it from the root without pulling at the skin. It is applied by being spread along the skin and once dried in a few seconds, it is easily removed by lifting the corner with your fingers and pulling against the hair grain. The benefits include less ingrown hairs, less breakage, and longer regrowth periods. Hot wax also lessens the chance of skin reddening. It can also be reapplied a few times without causing discomfort. If you are looking for professional wax brands, is THE PLACE!

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Stripless hard wax comes in its own subcategories of polymer film hard wax and non-polymer blends. Film hard wax is made with polymers that act as a buffer on the skin and come in hard wax beads and tablets, while non-polymer is made without resins, has a quicker setting time, and comes in only tablet form. Both formulas are gentle on the skin and suitable for full body waxing.

As film hard wax formulas have advanced, they've surpassed soft wax in popularity because they are easier on the skin, and, unlike soft wax, they don't need muslin or non-woven wax removal strips. Hard wax is named after its ability to harden over hair follicles without adhering to the skin as it cools for less painful waxing.