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Dry Brushes, Loofahs and Body Puffs...
Popular spa rituals include the use of dry brushes, sisal sacks and Loofahs for exfoliation and improved circulation. has a large selection of wholesale sisal soap sacks, body brushes, terry pads, loofah mitts, loofah pads and bath sponges for spa services as well as retail. Wholesale sisal soap sacks are great for use with handmade soaps. has bulk packs available at wholesale prices for day spas, resellers and professional soap makers.

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About Dry Brushes, Loofahs and Body Puffs…
When these exfoliating sundries are combined with a gentle cleanser, they create an even, smooth exfoliation over skin that is helpful for removing dry, scaly patches. Loofahs, loofah mitts and sisal sacks are also used in pedicures for and smoothing calloused feet and creating healthy circulation in the legs. Body puffs are typically gentler on skin, but still provide moderate exfoliation. Sisal is the coarsest plant vegetable fibers. Its fiber comes from the Agave plant commonly found in the Central America. The loofah is also a vegetable based sponge. It is the dried, fibrous interior of a “luffa gourd” and has been used as a sponge for over 10,000 years. Loofahs, sisal sacks and body puffs are commonly used to stimulate lymphatic drainage while scrubbing away surface toxins, impurities and dead skin cells, leaving skin noticeably softer.