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Table Warmers / Warming Pads...Table warmers and heating pads are an essential addition to any spa or massage business. They will keep your clients comfortable and warm throughout their service, providing a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Our wide selection of table warmers and heating pads from top industry brands, come in a variety of surface materials like fleece, cotton, and quilted texture, ensuring that you'll find a comfortable and stylish option for your spa. Investing in a table warmer or heating pad is an easy way to improve your clients' experience and give your spa an edge over the competition.

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About Table Warmers & Warming Pads:
A cold treatment room can make a massage service an unpleasant experience. It can cause the muscles of the client to tense up, making the massage less effective and comfortable. Massage table heating pads are a great solution to this problem, as they help to relax the muscles and increase overall client comfort. By warming the table, the heat will transfer to the client's body and help to relax their muscles. The increase in blood flow can also be beneficial for clients, as it can aid in the healing process and reduce pain.

Massage table heating pads are available with a variety of options and at multiple price points, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets. The pad's features vary greatly from one another, such as digital temperature control, comfortable fleece lining, and extra padding. Some heaters are fitted with thermostats and timers, they can be set to the preferred temperature and will shut off when the desired temperature is reached. The pads that are built into the table are more costly, but they are more efficient and maintain the warmth longer. Overall, choosing the right massage table heating pad is a matter of personal preference and budget. It's important to consider the business's needs and the client's needs when making a decision.