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Wax Rolls - Wax Strips... Looking for the perfect wax rolls and wax strips for your spa? Look no further than Pure Spa Direct! Waxing strips are essential tools for any professional wax technician or spa and are typically made of 2 distinctly different materials - Pellon and Muslin. Pellon is a non-woven fabric made from polyester and rayon fibers, while muslin is a finely woven cotton fabric. Both are specifically designed for use with depilatory soft waxes (strip waxes). Muslin is available in bleached (white) and natural (a tan color). Both materials come in pre-cut strips, which are easy to use and convenient for quick waxing sessions, as well as on rolls, which are ideal for larger waxing jobs. The pre-cut strips are also convenient as they can be used as it is, whereas the strips on rolls allow the technician to cut the strip to the desired size, providing a more personalized and precise waxing experience. Plus, with our extensive brand selection, competitive prices, and convenient online ordering system, it's never been easier to stock up on all of the wax rolls and wax strips you need to keep your spa running smoothly. Looking for Waxing Applicators - Waxing Sticks? CLICK HERE!

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About Wax Rolls - Wax Strips:
Muslin Waxing Strips / Rolls:
Muslin is a woven fabric made entirely of cotton yarns. This is a stabilized fabric that has the appearance of pocketing found in blue jeans and dress pants. Muslin, by definition, is the strongest and most durable hair removal material available - even for the toughest, coarsest hair!

Muslin waxing strips are effective on the legs, brows, upper lip, chin, and facial areas. Its inherent tensile strength makes it the "go to" product for estheticians when it comes to legs, brows, upper lip, and facial areas.

At the same time, the non-abrasive finish of muslin allows for a more "forgiving" hair removal experience on sensitive areas of the body. such as the bikini line and the underarms.

Muslin, in essence, is easier to apply to the affected area than almost any non-woven substrate.

Non-Woven Waxing Strips / Rolls:
Non-woven products, on the other hand, are made from long-grain fibers that are spun together to create a surface or substrate similar to paper - in fact, the technology used to make both are quite similar. Non-woven waxing strips are a more cost-effective alternative to muslin, allowing salon and spa owners to save money on depilatory materials.

Non-woven products, while not as durable as woven products, can still get the job done!

One thing to keep in mind about fiber-formed materials is that non-woven products are typically firmer to the touch than yarn-configured fabrics like muslin. As a result, non-woven products can sometimes be difficult to form to specific angles and contours of the body.